Our Eavestroughs

We install 5” & 6” K style continuous Eavestroughs (traditional), 5” & 6” multiprofile continuous Eavestroughs, 5” & 6” European (Lindab) Gutters.

All our continuous eavestroughs are aluminum. Aluminum is the superior metal to choose for a continuous product because it is strong and it does not rust.

The only steel gutter product we install is the Lindab European Gutter System. These steel gutters have a special coating so they do not rust. The round bottom helps with more efficient drainage.

When you combine our continuous gutters with the continuous ALU-REX system you with protect your investment in your gutters because:

  1. ALU-REX blocks the sun, protecting the sealant inside the gutter to avoid cracking and leaking.
  2. ALU-REX increases sturdiness along the entire length extending the service life of the gutter.
  3. AlU- REX is the best protection against damages and water infiltration
  4. ALU-REX keeps the gutters and downpipe empty for perfect drainage year round.


We Have the Answers

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Download the Alu-Rex cleaning instructions PDF for a step by step guide to cleaning your gutters.

Download Cleaning Instructions PDF