Our Eavestroughs

We install 5” & 6” K style continuous Eavestroughs (traditional), 5” & 6” multiprofile continuous Eavestroughs, 5” & 6” European (Lindab) Gutters.

All our continuous eavestroughs are aluminum. Aluminum is the superior metal to choose for a continuous product because it is strong and it does not rust.

The only steel gutter product we install is the Lindab European Gutter System. These steel gutters have a special coating so they do not rust. The round bottom helps
with faster drainage.

When you combine our continuous gutters with the continuous ALU-REX system you with protect your investment in your gutters because:

  1. ALU-REX blocks the sun, protecting the sealant inside the gutter to avoid cracking and leaking.
  2. ALU-REX increases sturdiness along the entire length extending the service life of the gutter.
  3. AlU- REX is the best protection against damages and water infiltration
  4. ALU-REX keeps the gutters and downpipe empty for perfect drainage year round.


Gutter Dunn offers both Five inch (5”) and Six inch (6”) eavestroughs. Five inch eavestroughs are commonly used to meet today’s residential needs. However, our Six inch eavestroughs provide a better solution for almost any type of residential or commercial project.

Our 5 inch (5″) eavestrough is available in the standard K Style Profile. This classic style is commonly used on residential buildings.

Gutter Dunn is one of the only companies in Edmonton to offer Six inch (6″) Multi-Profile Continuous eavestrough along with the Alu-rex Continuous Fastening System.

Choose from one of the following profiles and a variety of colours to match your residential or commercial project. Please see our photo gallery for actual pictures of these different profiles of eavestrough.

  • 5″ K Style

  • 6″ K Style

  • 5″ 2 step

  • 5″ Straight Face

  • 6″ 2 Step

  • 6″ Crown Molding

  • 6″ Triple Cove

  • 5″ Half Round

  • 6″ Half Round


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Download the Alu-Rex cleaning instructions PDF for a step by step guide to cleaning your gutters.

Download Cleaning Instructions PDF


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