Expert Eavestrough Services in Edmonton

We have been installing gutters in the Edmonton area since 2007 and have grown into one of the most diversified eavestrough companies in Alberta.

Be sure to call us for a quote and options that will fit your project best!

About Us

Edmonton Eavestrough Pros Since 2007

Our story started in August 2007 with one truck and one installer. Since then, we’ve acquired many multi-profile machines which allow us to tackle even the biggest eavestrough jobs.

We were named as an Elite Alu-Rex installer & were awarded as the #1 installer of their leaf guard products in 2018 & 2019,

And we’ve grown into one of the most trusted eavestrough companies in Edmonton. 

Our Eavestroughs

We install 5” & 6” K style continuous Eavestroughs (traditional), 5” & 6” multiprofile continuous Eavestroughs, 5” & 6” European (Lindab) Gutters.

All our continuous eavestroughs are aluminum. Aluminum is the superior metal to choose for a continuous product because it is strong and it does not rust. When you combine our continuous gutters with the continuous ALU-REX system you with protect your investment in your gutters because:


ALU-REX blocks the sun, protecting the sealant inside the gutter to avoid cracking and leaking.


ALU-REX increases sturdiness along the entire length extending the service life of the gutter


ALU-REX is the best protection against damages and water infiltration


ALU-REX keeps the gutters and downpipe empty for perfect drainage year round

The only steel gutter product we install is the Lindab European Gutter System. To provide durable rust proofing the steel is coated with 275g zinc per sq. meter. The galvanized coating is naturally self-healing, any scratch or cut being automatically sealed by zinc ions, which wander to re-coat the uncovered steel.

eavestrough installation on an edmonton home. Job completed by gutter dunn eavestroughing

Eavestrough Services


Alu-Rex Leaf Guards

Keep your gutters clean and clear of debris with the highest quality gutter guards on the market. Learn More


The downspout is one of the most crucial components of your home, preventing disastrous basement flooding & damage during every rainfall.  Learn More

Lindab European Gutters

If you’re looking for a roof drainage system that is durable, will look amazing on your house, and is constructed with premium steel, Lindab European Gutters might be for you! Learn More

new soffit installed on a new house

Soffit & Fascia


Soffit serves both an important functional purpose, as well as an aesthetic one for your home. Keeping moisture away, adding character to your home’s exterior, and ventilation just to name a few. Learn More


Fixed to the lower end of the roof trusses, your home’s fascia board is what your eavestrough system is attached to. Learn More

Metal Fascia

Tired of your metal fascia being ripped off and blowing away in the wind? Find out how Gutter Dunn avoids this problem. Learn More

Gutter Accessories


Diverters give an option to direct the water 2 different ways. Usually changing the direction of the water from going to a rain barrel or the ground. These are great for our changing weather conditions. Learn More


Funnels allow for two downpipes to be combined into one.
These work well when we have to combine two pipes into a rainwater leader (underground pipe) or if you want to combine downpipes for curb appeal. Learn More


Gutter Dunn chooses to use spaced hangers as the standard way to install eavestrough. They are spaced 18” to 24” apart.

We use screws rather than nails to attach to the fascia boards. Nails tend to loosen and pop out over time causing gutters to pull away from the building. When screws are used, gutters will stay tight to the building for their entire lifespan. Learn More

#1 Installer in Western Canada

Alu-Rex Continuous Hanger Leaf Guard System

Alu-Rex leaf guards keep debris from getting inside your eavestrough, meaning clogged gutters are a thing of the past! 


Lifetime warranty on materials, durability, and clog-free performance


Increases the durability and life span of your gutters


Gutters with Alu-Rex leaf guards require far less maintenance than gutters without


Why Edmonton Chooses Us For All Their Eavestrough Needs

Amazing eavestrough and soffit/fascia company. Prompt professional service and clean up after themselves. This is my second property I have had them do!
Justin L.

Professional Service, great advice on product (Soffit, Fascia, 6″ Eavestrough & large Downspout Size plus Alu-Rex Double-Pro Leaf Guard). Job was done on time, on quote and they cleaned up so well it was as if they had never been there.

Don Shay

So happy with this Company! They have more selections for qutter profiles than most companies I contacted and they color matched my troughs perfectly to blend in with the exterior. Branden made me an extra extension for my rain barrel in summer, and changed a run on the garage I wanted reversed due to the slope. No hesitation to make it perfect for me. He made sure I loved everything before leaving. 

Reanna B.