Gutter Profiles


At Gutter Dunn, we offer both five-inch (5″) and six-inch (6″) eavestroughs. Five-inch eavestroughs are commonly used to meet today’s residential needs. However, our six-inch eavestroughs provide a better solution for almost any type of residential or commercial project. 

Our 5-inch eavestrough is available in the standard K Style Profile. This classic style and is commonly used on residential buildings.

Gutter Dunn is one of Edmonton’s only eavestrough companies offering a six-inch Multi-Profile Continuous eavestrough along with the Alu-Rex Continuous Fastening System.

Choose from one of the following profiles and a variety of colours to match your residential or commercial project

5" K Style

A versatile and popular choice, our 5-inch K-Style gutter mimics the look of crown molding, adding curb appeal while effectively channeling water away from your property.

5" 2-Step

Modern yet functional, the 5″ 2-step gutter offers a sleek look and excellent performance. Its unique design handles high water volumes, minimizing overflow during heavy rainfall.

5" Straight face

5-inch Straight Face gutters present a streamlined, clean appearance for contemporary homes. Its efficient design promotes optimal water flow.

5" Half round

Our 5-inch Half-Round gutter enhances any traditional-style home, adding a touch of elegance. The smooth shape encourages debris flow, making it easy to maintain.

6" K Style

Built for larger buildings or regions with heavy rainfall, the 6-inch K-Style gutter effectively manages high water volumes. Its classic profile adds an aesthetic touch while providing excellent protection.

6" 2-step

6-inch 2-Step gutters are designed to effectively handle substantial water volumes, ensuring your home stays dry even during heavy storms. Its distinct two-step profile brings a unique aesthetic, adding a contemporary touch to any property.

6" crown molding

6-inch Crown Molding gutters are designed to mimic classic architectural detailing. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, it’s designed to manage heavy rainfall, making it both stylish and practical.

6" triple cove

The 6-inch Triple Cove gutter is a perfect balance between style and efficiency. Its unique triple curve design offers an appealing profile and superior water flow management, providing maximum protection against water damage.

6" Half Round

Our 6-inch Half-Round gutter effortlessly combines beauty with functionality. It’s a preferred choice for historical or classically-styled homes, boasting an easy-to-clean profile that helps to reduce maintenance efforts.