Lindab European Gutters

A Premium Gutter System

Lindab European Gutters combine premium quality, advanced design, and exceptional durability to provide an outstanding gutter solution for your home or business. Made from top-grade galvanized steel with a protective zinc coating, these gutters resist rust and wear, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance. The snap-in fitting system simplifies installation, while the high-build polyester paint offers vibrant color choices that complement any architectural style. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, Lindab European Gutters offer reliable protection and an elegant finish.

Key Features of Lindab European Gutters


Material Quality

  • Premium Galvanized Steel: Lindab European Gutters are crafted from top-grade galvanized steel, ensuring robust and long-lasting performance.
  • Zinc Coating: A protective zinc coating adds an extra layer of rust resistance, enhancing the durability of the gutters.

Design and Aesthetics

  • High-Build Polyester Paint: The gutters are coated with a high-build polyester paint, providing a vibrant and durable finish.
  • Color Options: Available in nine vibrant colors, these gutters can seamlessly match various architectural styles.

Installation Ease

  • Snap-In Fitting System: The innovative snap-in fitting system simplifies the installation process, making it quick and hassle-free.
  • Versatile Design: Lindab gutters are designed to adapt to different architectural styles, providing a sleek and seamless look for any building.

How These Gutters Benefit You and Your Home

Long-Lasting Durability
Lindab European Gutters are designed to endure Edmonton’s extreme weather conditions. Their high-quality construction means they can handle heavy snow, rain, and temperature fluctuations without deteriorating. This longevity ensures that your investment in these gutters pays off over many years, providing continuous protection for your home.

Low Maintenance
The durable materials and advanced coatings mean less time spent on upkeep. The snap-in fitting system makes installation and adjustments simple, so you can enjoy more time without the hassle of frequent repairs.

Aesthetic Appeal
Available in nine vibrant colors, these gutters enhance your home’s curb appeal. The high-build polyester finish and versatile design ensure they complement any architectural style, making your home look great while staying protected.

These features make Lindab European Gutters an ideal choice for Edmonton homeowners seeking reliable, attractive, and low-maintenance gutter solutions.

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What Our Customers Say

Timothy Samis
Timothy Samis
We want to express our gratitude and thanks to you everyone at Gutter Dunn Eavestroughing Ltd. for such a wonderful experience from start to finish. The gentlemen that worked on our home were outstanding in every way such wonderful workmanship and professionalism. The Alu-rex T-Rex continuous hanger system product installed is amazing, the installer's craftsmanship outstanding, and it looks incredible. It looks like our home has had a facelift! I have never been so excited for it to RAIN! 👌👍👍 This the second time we have contracted our install to be done Gutter Dunn Eavestroughing Ltd. and we would highly recommend them!!!
Andrea Szabo
Andrea Szabo
They got the work done quickly (remove old gutters and replace). Where they could save money for us they did. Would definitely recommend them.
Jen OConnor
Jen OConnor
I highly recommend Gutter Dunn. My house needed some gutter repairs and with the proper advisory we ended up removing all my existing gutters and installing new ones. They charged me exactly what the quote was, removed and disposed of all the old materials and did not charge me until the job was complete. They were efficient and very clean. Left no mess whatsoever. I am very happy with the new product and my home looks much more modern now.
No Name
No Name
Very honest people. Hard working, punctual, and they clean after themselves. This is the second property that we use their services. The material is so nice, my house looks 50k higher value.
Cathy Pruden
Cathy Pruden
Gutter Dunn provided us a reasonable quote for soffits, facia, eavstroughing and gutter guards. We were dealing with improper airflow which was as a result of additional roof venting when a new roof was installed. They were able to open up the older wood soffits before adding new soffits. Employees are friendly and knowledgeable about their product. We are very happy with their work which was done efficiently and in a timely manner and the house looks great! They got the job Dunn! Thanks
Lukas Schiller
Lukas Schiller
Hands Down, the very best Eavestroughing company in town. They were very professional (from office to the site crew). The workmanship is on point and looks fantastic! I will always recommend this business
Mike R
Mike R
Took a while to get a quote but well worth the wait. Everyone from the Estimators, Office Staff, Scheduler, and Installers were first class. They explained what was available and what they would recommend. We chose not to go with the leaf protection as we have a 1,200 sq. ft. bungalow and not that much gutter on either our garage or house. It's easy for us to just flush same. FYI their competitors Sales Rep provided a verbal quote and insisted we needed the leave filters and offered at least 5 different discounts and would have charged us double the price that Gutter Dunn invoiced. Competitor would not provide a written quote so I was leary about this company and their Rep. Installers were terrific, showed up a little early and reviewed the scope with us... They also installed new downspouts into our existing storm drain system. What a difference, they inserted the downspout into a pvc fitting vs the old tee pee cone style fitting. They were here for about 3.5 hrs and had everything cleaned up and put away. You know you are dealing with Professionals when they show up in a custom truck with Gutter Dunn and their suppliers ads screened on the side of same. The installers also wore company hats, tees and they were keen to do the work. If I could rate them as a 6 if I could, thanks again Gutter Dunn.
Barbara N
Barbara N
They are an absolute delight to work with. I had my old wooden soffit removed and replaced. They were quick to get it done, from the first phone call to them being done was maybe two weeks and it involved coordinating with another contractor to fix the roof. Great communication, called if there was a problem or question, sent easy to understand emails. I can't say enough good things. The work they did was worth every penny.

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Common Question About Lindab
European Gutters

What makes Lindab European Gutters different from other gutters?

Lindab European Gutters stand out due to their unique half-round shape, which improves water flow and debris clearance. Combined with a G90 galvanized coating for rust resistance and a snap-in fitting system, these features ensure exceptional durability and easy installation.

Can Lindab gutters handle Edmonton's harsh weather?

Designed for extreme weather, Lindab European Gutters endure heavy snow and temperature fluctuations without sagging or deteriorating. Their robust construction and innovative design make them perfect for Edmonton’s challenging climate.

Do Lindab European Gutters require special maintenance?
Minimal maintenance is needed. Their design efficiently moves water and debris, usually requiring just an occasional wipe down or hose flush.
What is the life expectancy of Lindab European Gutters?
Lindab European Gutters have a life expectancy of over 50 years, providing long-term reliability and value.
Will Lindab gutters sag under heavy snow?
Lindab gutters are highly durable and can handle heavy snow loads. For extremely heavy snow areas, tighter hanger spacing or additional supports are recommended.
Are Lindab gutters prone to rust?
No, they have a G90 galvanized coating that provides long-term rust protection, ensuring the gutters remain rust-free.