Gutter Accessories


Diverters give a option to direct the water 2 different ways. Usually changing the direction of the water from going to a rain barrel or the ground. These are great for our changing weather conditions.




  • Funnels allow for two downpipes to be combined into one.
  • These work well when we have to combine two pipes into a rain water leater (underground pipe) or if you want to combine downpipes for curb appeal.

  • Gutter Dunn chooses to use spaced hangers as the standard way to install eavestrough. They are spaced 18” to 24” apart.
  • We use screws rather than nails to attach to the fascia boards. Nails tend to loosen and pop out over time causing gutters to pull away from the building. When screws are used, gutters will stay tight to the building for their entire lifespan.