Gutters / Profiles

What is a continuous gutter and how are they made?

Continuous gutters are eavestroughs that are roll formed on site with a roll forming machine. When a company is providing you with continuous eavestroughs they will have a roll forming machine on site and make the gutters to fit the length of your house exactly.

Are there any joints on continuous gutters?

The only joints on continuous eavestroughs are at the corners. It is impossible to avoid having joints at the corners. These are sealed with a gutter sealant that can handle the contraction and expansion throughout the seasons.

What is different about Gutter Seal?

Gutter Seal is a hard flexible sealant designed to bond to the new gutters and able to withstand contracting and expanding during the summer and winter months. Sealant found at hardware stores is NOT a product meant for sealing eavestrough corners.


Gutter Dunn offers both Five inch (5”) and Six inch (6”) eavestroughs. Five inch eavestroughs are commonly used to meet today’s residential needs. However, our Six inch eavestroughs provide a better solution for almost any type of residential or commercial project.

Our 5 inch (5″) eavestrough is available in the standard K Style Profile. This classic style is commonly used on residential buildings.

Gutter Dunn is one of the only companies in Edmonton to offer Six inch (6″) Multi-Profile Continuous eavestrough along with the Alu-rex Continuous Fastening System.

Choose from one of the following profiles and a variety of colours to match your residential or commercial project. Please see our photo gallery for actual pictures of these different profiles of eavestrough.

  • 5″ K Style

  • 6″ K Style

  • 5″ 2 step

  • 5″ Straight Face

  • 6″ 2 Step

  • 6″ Crown Molding

  • 6″ Triple Cove

  • 5″ Half Round

  • 6″ Half Round